Painting is my way of celebrating and expressing feelings of connection to the world I live in. As a long time gardener I continually witness natures beauty and regenerative forces. Within my garden small universes come alive and wither only to be reborn again. I strive to create paintings where the colors begin to breathe and resonate as they do in the natural world. Cezanne once said, “nature is not on the surface but in the depths; colors are the expression of these depths on the surface, they rise up from the roots of the world.” I love that.

My process is rooted in emotion and love of color and light. I do not begin a work with an image in mind but rather allow the process to expose the painting. I try to let go of my chattering mind and follow my emotions and curiosity. It is important to stay present, let go of expectations and be guided by intuition. As the work develops I begin to search for dynamics where elements are both heard and contradicted and light is generated not just represented. I love the play between movement and stillness, strength and tenderness, matter and spirit. Each painting is a small world where everything is hopefully interconnected and each element influences and stimulates the whole.

It has been said illusion is the scent of something real coming close. Art has this ability to make visible the real and to touch our emotions so we recognize life’s potential and interconnection. I believe in the power of art. It is always ahead of us and transformative. I hope my paintings hint at or perhaps reveal a bit of truth about our connection to each other and the world we share.

Quotes from published reviews

Albuquerque Journal, Wesley Pulkka

“Through a combination of architectural and organic forms small worlds are created. These neighborhoods of life are an amalgamation of sophisticated modernism and childlike innocence.”

“Overall Condon is able to reach inside herself and produce paintings that share the strength, beauty and vulnerability of a butterfly”

THE magazine, Diane Armitage

“At a quick glance it would be easy to fault the paintings in this exhibition as being entirely too pretty. Yet the unabashedly lush and luminous color schemes are only the first layers to apprehend in work that has surprising depths and intricate surfaces that must ultimately be read slowly in order to appreciate the expertise of Condon’s painting. This artist makes her complicated process of pigment application seem effortless, as if these images calmly floated to the artist’s consciousness in a series of benevolent, technicolor dreams.”

ABQ ARTS, Richard Garriott-Stejskal

“Few works of art have affected me so strongly, leaving me stunned and reduced to one-word exclamations, but Condon’s paintings left me dumb-stuck. They glow with an inner light (I want to turn the light out to see if they glow in the dark) The colors are mesmerizing. The shapes and forms hover just outside my recognition. Days later they still haunt me.”

Albuquerque Journal,Wesley Pulkka

“Sally Condon’s 19 piece “In Broad Sunlight” is a drop-dead-gorgeous show. Filled with beautifully crafted oil and wax paintings at Matrix Fine Art. Her radiant paintings magically light up the walls while offering viewers intimate narrative vignettes about life in Condon’s backyard garden universe.”